Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TIme for some animals

Looking at the blog, I feel I have left out the animals.  I tend to take quite a few animal pictures, so they seemed to be missing here (living in the woods provides alot of chances to get some animal pictures).  I figured I would post a few here.  No little squirrels or chimpmunks this time (but I am sure I will get some in the future).   I have a good archive of pictures of animals, and if I go any period without getting any new ones, I will go back to it (I have some baby foxes, bear, and of course the squirrel and chimpmunk pictures).  Thinking about it, I do not get alot of birds (maybe I should focus on that for awhile).

As before, just click the picture to get a bigger view.

Well hear some crashing on the porch and what do you get.  This little guy (actually he was one of two, but the other ran off first and stayed further away).  Here he is with his ill gotten goodies (or at least the little bag it was in).  Forget to take a little gabage down just once and leave it on the porch and look what happens.  Well, at least he let me get this picture of him.  The little Sx210 did pretty good considering it was dark (the big light is behind him, notice the light in the porch). 

Here is a Deer resting itself in the shade.  This is actually in our front yard under an evergreen tree (I put the rock pile there as they will eventually be a small wall around a garden).  Deer often sit in the yard under the trees during the heat of the day.  They are used to humans, so you can get close, but not too close (they will run away if you get too close).  However, with 14x zoom, I do not need to get too close.

So obviously if you wait, big deer with end up having little deer.  So here is an example.  We get a handful of these each year.  They are normally more skitish than the older ones, but sometimes when they are sitting, the just do not like to get up (so you can get close).  It is fun watching them run around. 

Well, I might not get birds, but I do get butterflies.  I liked thie picture mostly due to the colors.  The butterfly blended very well with the middle of the flower.  Nice picture, was hard to get the butterfly to stand still for me (but obviously I worked it out).

Here is another butterfly (also hard to get to stand still).  I thought both pictrures worked out well with the surrounding colors.  Unlike the last one where the butterfly matched the center of the flower so wekk, here we get a bit of a contrast.  Still looks nice.

Well, for my final picture I have picked a strange one.  We have been having frogs in the pool (and need to figure out a way to stop it).  Here is the first one (the water was not cleaned yet).  First, what is a water frog (or 8) doing this far from the water (the lake is way down the hill).  Last year I dug a 6 ft hole in the yard, and 6 frogs moved in when it filled with water.  We carried him out far into the woods many times, and he kept coming back.  Finally we located him down to the lake (so hopefully he has a better home).  This picture was taken early when we could get close (after capturing him a couple of times he started to jump and swim away as soon as we approached).

Those were some animals.  I am actually looking at some lunar pictrures as well as some more examples of infrared for my next posts.  I am learning alot taking pictures through the telescope, also getting better seeing the infrared before processing it on the computer.  Both will be fun, so stay tuned.