Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry for the delay - Can a phone replace a pocket camera

So it has been a long time since I posted any pictures.  I will admit I have read some things that bothered me regarding phones replacing pocket cameras.  At the same time I sort of got tired of my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone (it had issues which helped enforce the feeling) and used my free upgrade to get into the Android world (in fact I jumped in whole hog and am typing this on a Motorola Xoom I am playing with).

So what does this have to do with photography?  Well when I first read about people ditching pocket cameras for there phones, I thought this was nuts and was going to dedicate an  update to the topic.  Though I have not changed this opinion I think I see the argument much better.  The options for taking and modifying pictures right on the phone is much better on Android than anything I had used on Windows Mobile (any version).  Note I have looked at the options with the iPhone and though I have no direct experience, they look as good (or better) than I have seen with Android.  Not trying to compare the platforms, but make the point that there has been a step up with phone pictures that I was not aware of.

However does all of this justify movement from away from dedicated pocket cameras to phones.  I do not think so for me anyhow.  If your plan is to post to flickr or some online location, current phones are probably good enough.  However if the goal is to get to print (especially enlargements) the phone just seems soft.

My next post will include some comparisons (sorry my new phone is already broke and being replaced - this seems to be a trend with my electronic hardware that I hope is ending so I can get back on schedule).  I will try and present it in a manner that demonstrates what I mean (or else I will have to eat my words).  I will use the SX210 not the Digital Rebel as all the blogs and articles dealt with phones replacing pocket cameras not DSLRs.

Be back soon.