Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Pictures from Virginia

While I am working on the review of the SX210, I figured I would put up some pictures I took while in Virginia (using the SD1100).  The first is just a covered bridge which is not far from our station in Mt. Jackson.  It is interesting in that it only has one lane (so you have to stop and look through it).  There is a little parking area off to one side (the bridge probably generates enough interest - hey we stopped).

I found this bridge interesting as it is a bridge in more than 2 aspects.  First it is a bridge over a small stream for traffic to flow.  The second is it is almost a bridge back to what this area is about.  There is alot of old farm land there.  However, on one side of the bridge, there is also 3 larger satellite uplink sites, an industrial park etc.  The bridge is not really all that practical (the road is 2 lanes, the bridge 1, and there are no stop signs etc), but it does add a bit of the past to it.

We also stopped at my parents house.  They just moved into the place, and one item of interest is a fountain in the back yard.  Not sure how long for the world it is, but it made an intersesting picture.  I find the fountain interesting as it was really created as the central piece to the backyard.  If you look at the rest of the picture (and trust me, the area outside of the picture matches the rest), it really seems out of place.  However, that out of placeness also makes it interesting.  It would probably be nice to see it running once before it is torn down.

It looks like it has seen better days (could use a coat of paint etc).  However, upon doing this, I figured I would give my infrared setup a try.  Note the picture below looks a little different as I am processing it differently, but I think this shows some more promise.  The light swatch in the middle that was seen in the SD1100 messes it up a bit (so I can not get it as I want easily (see a previous post going through infrared -  as a note initial testing shows that the SX210 does not have this issue, so those pictures should work out better). 

The light spot (which actually has a little blue in it) sort of makes it impossible to get the image right, though I think this method (not converting to BW, but changing the value of the sliders) does have more possibilities (I like the potential false color) in the future.  I needed to leave an overall blue tone in order for the spot in the middle not to show up (I could have converted to BW at this point, but we will see where the SX210 takes this).  The picture below is processed the old way (convert to BW, use sliders to remove the spot in the middle.

Obviously this is not the best subject (grass comes up white, but prefer to get trees with big leaves as they come up better than pine trees).  Also, had the fountain been running, the water would have given a good response.  Figured I would just throw it out there.  The fountain is an interesting subject, and as we get more into spring, I am more ready to play with the infrared some more.

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