Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thats Why You Should Always Carry a Camera

I have been taking alot of pictures lately.  Most of the little guy playing baseball, but some more general ones I will post here as well.  I will post them over the coming week or so.  The SX210 is working out very well for me.  Small enough to carry, and a nice boost in quality and the zoom is very nice. 

After taking the picture below, I thought it was important to update the blog.  I think this is a very interesting picture.  Even beyond interesting, it shows that upgrading the everyday carry camera (vs the special DSLR) definitely has it advantages.  We were at a little league game, and it started to pour.  Though the clouds were severe, they were also patchy.  The storm only lasted about 15 minutes.  Interestingly two rainbows followed it (but moved quickly). 

I had to snap quickly (for my second picture, the rainbow was already out of the graveyard into the woods).  The long zoom of the SX210 was very helpful, as without it, I would have either had to crop greatly to get this picture, or run out into the field (and as the rainbow was moving faster than I can, that would not have worked out well).

You can see from the tree in the foreground (and the shadows) that it became light very quickly.  You can also see the second rainbow in the top right of the picture.  These were full rainbows, but the other side was not nearly as interesting.  Catching the rainbow coming down into the cemetary was an interesting combination of pictures you do not see together often.  Here we have the brightness from the sun and the colorfulness of the rainbow offset by the somber emotion evoked from the cemetary and the menacing dark sky in the background.  Without a little camera in my pocket, I would never have gotten this one. 

There is always alot going around us, and if we want to be able to capture it, we have to be ready.

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