Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Fireworks for the Fourth (well not exactly)

I figured with the recent Holiday (the 4th of July), I figured I would post some fireworks.  However, I did not get these from any Independence celebration.  These came a little late as I attended a baseball game with our church on the 16th (so not really holiday material) and the game ended with fireworks.  I used the SX214 (see I knew that camera would be useful, I think all the pictures I have posted so far are from that camera).  It has a fireworks mode (that worked out well).  As our seats were quite high in the stadium, we had good views of the fireworks).  The anti shake really showed its stuff in these shots as I was quite impressed with the quality.  Below are some of my favorites (I took about 30).

Obviously I did not know what to expect when I pressed the shutter.  I pointed to where the fireworks were going, and then seen what came of it.  I did time (with reasonable success) when I saw the rockets going up, but did not know what type of firework I was going to get etc.  But you know, when in doubt keep clicking you are bound to get some good pictures (and that is what is nice about digital, easy to delete).  As a side note, I was sucessful enough in timing it that out of the 30+ picutres I only deleted 2.

Remember to get a larger image, click on the picture.

This one is nice as I was able to capture two going off next to each other.  Colors are a little bland (at least got some colors on the one on the right), however the alignment is really cool.  Notice a 3rd coming up from below.

A little more color here.  I really like this one as it shows the multiple stages of the firework.  We see 2 shooting up.  One just exploding and one fading away.  Nice timing, nice shot.

This is a nice single shot. The streams outward, with the changing colors. I liked how this came out so cleanly (nothing else in the frame, a little smoke glowing off to the right, but really a nice lone colorful firework on a black background.

The color and shapes really grabbed me on this one.  The blues with the gold.  The cross in the middle was a bit poetic (considering I was there with the church).  Another nice single shot with a clean background (but this one shifted to blue opposed to the redder one above).

I liked this one because it is very divergent.  On the right we have what looks like some sinister mace (with dark tips on the spikes).  Were the one next to it looks like a soft dandelion (a simple breath can send it flowing). 
I hope that you liked my fireworks show.

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