Thursday, October 4, 2012

The MEMEs of Florida

As I had some computer issues (I am on a new computer as brought up before) and did not get photoshop installed too quickly (work was more important), I figure it has already been way to long since the last update, so prepare for pictures edited on the phone (and posted to family for fun).

So as I stated before, I bought this EyeFi card and put it into my camera.  This allowed me to copy all the pictures from the camera to my phone (then from my phone up to Google Docs) so I would not lose them (I had a problem with a memory card on a previous visit to Florida).  One of the other side affects of this is the down time (waiting for food at a restaurant etc) sometimes I pull out my phone and have some fun (in this case with some of the pictures)..

As I said, all edits to these pictures (sharpening, adding text etc) were done on my phone (I brought no tablet or laptop with me, I planned to use the phone exclusively .  The quality came out pretty good for pictures taken with a pocket camera (the SX260) and edited on the phone.

The above picture was taken at South of the Border on the ride down.  If you have been there you understand.  It is a bit of a dive, but fun nonetheless.  However, even the little guy would never confuse it for Disney.  

Next stop was Kennedy Space Center, and here Autumn sees beyond her plans for world domination, and decides to go for the universe.  It was bright (see her struggle to keep her eyes open).  When I took the picture I was thinking playing with the world as a beach ball, but then when looking at it on the phone screen my impression changed just a little.

I thought this next picture just said something.  Our oldest could not make it.  We had always sort of associated him with Goofy.  So a picture of us with Goofy just made it confusing (especially when Goofy was dressed as a ranger, which Andy had done in the past).  

So vacationing is hard work.  Here is the little guy just not making it into bed.  Funny thing is, the table is his bed.  The wall behind him folds down, and that would be his "convertible" bed.  However, he fell asleep watching videos on the iPad.  The picture just spoke to me (along with the words out of gas as he definitely was).

So, I always complain that the little guy ruins my pictures.  Whether it is eyes closed (as is the case here) or something else (so I normally snap multiple pictures so I can delete the bad ones).  However here having his eyes closed sort of worked out (use the force Quinnlan).  

This one shows some of the short comings of editing on the phone (one of the reasons I included it).  Though there maybe a way, I could not figure out how to move the pointers coming out of the speech bubbles (so the wife's is pointing into the water instead of at her).  This is very close to the actual conversation (little guy was not too desirous of sticking his hand in there, and though he did, he would not hold the food properly, so they had problems eating from him.  This was taken at SeaWorld.

There were a few others, but I think this makes the point.  It was good to be able to post this into our huddle (we keep an open huddle with the family) so they could see what we were doing.  I do not want to sound like a advertisement for EyeFi or Android (I used PicShop for all of this in case anyone was wondering).  However, the combination got me the quality pictures I expect when on vacation (because I was able to use a real camera) as well as the ability to instantly share.


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